Plastic Glazing Sheets

For windows and roofing, glass is not the only material a business can use. Alternative materials are available, some of which can produce superior aesthetics and performance. At Johnston Industrial Plastics, we are a leader in plastic glazing sheets. We provide excellent choices so that customers can achieve their goals and experience the advantages of plastic glazing.

The Benefits

Instead of choosing glass for areas on a building, customers can go with glazing plastics. We start with plastic glazing bars and offer the right alternatives to glass and other common materials. Here are some reasons plastic glazing works well in these situations:

  • Better visible light transmission than glass (92%).
  • Half the weight of glass.
  • Up to five times stronger than glass.
  • Bendable and flexible, so customers can customize the material to fit their needs.

Where Customers Can Use Plastic Glazing Sheets

Johnston Industrial Plastics provides its plastic glazing sheets to a wide range of industries. The material is common to see in skylights and greenhouses. It also works well in secondary glazing, which can protect antique windows. Companies may also use plastic glazing for unique and upscale roofing and window designs. Plastic glazing is effective for outdoor use as well. It is resistant to chemicals and can have good application in signage, machine guards, and bus or train shelters.

Trusted Source for Glazing Supplies

Companies looking for a different option for windows and roofing can benefit from plastic glazing. Contact Johnston Industrial Plastics today to learn more about these reliable materials.


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