Delrin AF

Delrin AF 100 is a combination of 22% PTFE Fibres uniformly dispersed in Delrin Acetal/Resin. This combination produces a material that has the strength, toughness, dimensional stability and good machinability approaching that of Delrin, plus the surface characteristics of PTFE. Delrin AF is commonly supplied as Delrin AF Blend (2 parts Delrin AF to 1 part Delrin). It can also be supplied as 1 to 1 blend. Delrin AF Blend is ideal for moving parts where low friction and long wear are important. Bearings have excellent sliding/friction properties and will sustain high loads when operating at high speeds while showing reduced wear. Although Delrin AF Blend retains much of the strength of Delrin, some properties are changed due to the addition of the less stiff and softer PTFE Fibre.

At Johnston Industrial Plastics, Delrin sheets and rods are available in various sizes and specifications. We supply and distribute Delrin AF across Canada.

DELRIN AF (Sheets and Rods)

Delrin AF Sheet properties and applications Size: 24” x 48”
Thickness: 1/32”— 2”
Delrin AF Rod properties and applications Diameter: 1/4”— 5”
Length: 10’


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