Plastics for the Auto Industry

Plastic is a common material that businesses use in various applications and processes. Plastics for the auto industry are more prevalent than many people realize. In a single vehicle, for example, there can be up to 30,000 parts and components. Of these, plastic can make up as much as 50%. To have peace of mind, those who manufacture cars and trucks need reliable automotive plastics suppliers. Johnston Industrial Plastics is a trusted source offering only high-quality plastic solutions.

Uses of Automotive Conveyors

To make dependable plastics, everything begins with having good conveyors. These devices will move vehicle parts from one point in the production process to another. The conveyors must be able to accommodate the size, weight, and shapes of vehicle parts. The dimensions of vehicle components are different than what many other customers need. Johnston Industrial Plastics will customize the conveyor system to meet the customer’s requirements.

Automotive racking systems are also useful on the production floor. The conveyor and racking system work together to safely move and store the automotive parts. These machines use a combination of steel, rubber, and fabric. Racking systems and conveyors can efficiently handle and move the many components that vehicles have.

Why Vehicles Use Plastics

Some people may not realize that cars have so many plastic components. There are benefits that plastic materials offer in vehicles. These include:

  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stronger in some cases than other available materials such as glass.
  • Flexible.
  • Able to absorb and cushion the impact.

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