Acrylic is a crystal clear thermoplastic material possessing excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Outstanding optical qualities and resistance to sunlight and outdoor weathering make acrylic an ideal glazing material. Acrylic plastic sheets, rods, and panels can also be easily cemented, welded, thermoformed, and machined, showing the versatility of acrylic as a material. Plus, acrylic has FDA approval for food contact applications.

Top Quality Acrylic Sheet Material

The Plexiglass brand is a common type of transparent plastic that many industries use. If you need Plexiglass sheets in Winnipeg, look no further than Johnston Industrial Plastics. We provide our customers with the best acrylic plastic sheets, rods, tubes, and panels in Canada. Along with top-quality acrylic sheet material, we also offer acrylic panels, acrylic rods, and tube workpieces. Our customers can use these products for white Plexiglass sheets for windows, viewing ports, and automobiles. When searching for superior acrylic sheets in Canada, there is no need to settle for second best. Instead, you can turn to us as your trusted source.

There are advantages to having Plexiglass sheets in Toronto and other Canadian cities. This material can be useful for making riot gear for police. Acrylic rollers may also be made of this type of plastic. With outstanding chemical and mechanical properties, the acrylic sheet material we provide to our customers resists UV rays and harsh outdoor conditions, making them ideal for glazing.

Depending on your needs, you can use acrylic sheets for a variety of projects, whether they involve welding, machining, cementing, or thermoforming. You may also see Plexiglass sheets in Canada in sports venues such as hockey rinks.

Acrylic sheets are FDA-approved, adding to the confidence level you have when purchasing the product. Johnston Industrial Plastics is ready to help you get the right acrylic materials. Call us today so you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of acrylic.



Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Sheet Cast
properties and applications
Size: 48” x 72” up to 75” x 124”
Thickness: 1/8”— 4”
Colours: Many Stocked
Masking: Paper
Acrylic Sheet Acrylite FF
properties and applications
Size: 49” x 73” up to 75” x 124”
Thickness: 1.5mm — 25mm
Colours: Many Stocked
Masking: Paper + Poly Film
Acrylic Sheet Mirror: Clear and Coloured, UVF + UVT (Ultraviolet Filtering + Transmitting) Abrasion Resistant, Non Glare, Lead Filled Some Sizes + Thicknesses Stocked

Acrylic Rod Acrylic Rod Cast
properties and applications
Diameter: 1/4”— 6-1/2”
Length: up to 8’
Acrylic Rod Extruded
properties and applications
Diameter: 1/16”— 2”
Length: 6’
Acrylic Tubes Acrylic Tubes Cast
properties and applications
Diameter: 1-1/2”— 12” OD
Length: 72”— 77”
Wall Thickness: 1/8”— 1/4”
Acrylic Tubes Extruded
properties and applications
Diameter: 1/4”— 6” OD
Length: 6’
Wall Thickness: 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4“
Profiles, Cabachons, Spheres, Hinges Lighting Panels Available on Request


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