Acetal is a highly crystalline form of polymerized formaldehyde noted for its strength, stiffness, and toughness. Acetal also has a very low coefficient of friction and good bearing characteristics, giving acetal products many highly desired capabilities. Acetal sheets, rods, and strips are produced from copolymer (Celcon) or homopolymer (Delrin) resins. With these excellent physical characteristics, many industries rely on acetal in their machinery. This is typical in manufacturing environments where equipment has rollers.

The physical properties of acetal remain constant in a variety of environments as it absorbs only minimum amounts of moisture. An acetal roller can hold up under the most challenging conditions. In high-moisture environments, acetal bearings can outperform nylon by 4 to 1. However, under conditions of average humidity, nylons are superior to acetals in impact strength and abrasion resistance. The dimensional stability of acetal sheet and rod allows for close tolerance machining of parts.

Johnston Industrial Plastics distributes high-quality acetal sheets, rods, and cut-to-size strips throughout Canada. We are also a reliable plastic roller supplier. We have locations in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta.

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Acetal Sheet Acetal Sheet Natural + Black
properties and applications
Size: 24” x 48”, 48” x 120”
Thickness: 3mm — 100mm
Acetal Rod Acetal Rod Natural + Black
properties and applications
Diameter: 1/8”— 10”,
Length: 8’, 10’
Acetal Strip Acetal Strip Natural Width: .250”, 24”
Thickness: .010” + .125“


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